This is the 5th year for the Asian Auto Fuel Efficiency Awards and it has, like in previous years revealed some interesting facts about all the new vehicles that have been launched in Malaysia. The ‘interesting’ fact is that many of these new vehicles have not been able to produce better fuel consumption against older vehicles in its individual segments as there have been a number of returning winners holding on to their 1st place titles.

This award is a first for the Malaysian and regional automotive industry and is the only automotive award that encourages car manufacturers to offer better quality vehicles with the latest engineering and technology that promotes fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

Over 200 vehicles from 31 car brands were audited and the winners were segregated into 18 segments.

Every legitimate car sold in Malaysia is included in the audit each and every year.

The results from the audit show us that some petrol engines are starting to creep up to hybrid cars in terms of fuel efficiency.

The 3 biggest winners this year came from Ford, Toyota and Volkswagen. This clearly reveals that engine downsizing coupled with turbo-charging assists in better fuel consumption and hybrid cars maintain their lead in the reduction of fuel usage.

Asian Auto magazine hopes that this awards will provide consumers with ‘real’ accurate fuel efficiency figures for consumers to get the best value and to create a platform to spur car companies to bring in the latest models to offer Malaysians better options for their next car purchase. As the benchmark for the most up-to-date car price list in the country and monthly provider of the most complete Malaysian motoring information, Asian Auto magazine believes Malaysians should enjoy better technologies and the latest models of vehicles as well.

The contenders at the Awards ceremony this year competed in 18 categories including Compact City Cars, Compact Premium Cars, Small Family Cars, Small Premium Family Cars, Luxury Family Cars, Premium Family Cars, Executive Cars, Premium Executive Cars, Super Saloons, Performance Coupe Cars, Performance Hot Hatch, Pickup Trucks, Compact and Luxury MPV, Compact SUV, Premium SUV, Luxury SUV and Hybrids.

Winners of the Asian Auto Fuel Efficiency Awards 2012
  Compact City Cars    

Mitsubishi Mirage 1.2

2 Suzuki Alto            5.0L/100km
2 Hyundai I10 kappa      5.0L/100km
3 Perodua Myvi 1.3 (NEW)      6.2L/100km
  Compact Premium Cars    
1 Alfa Giuletta 1.4      5.2L/100km
2 Audi A1 TFSI   5.6L/100km
3 Mercedes Benz B-Class B200      5.8L/100km
  Small Family Cars    
1 Ford Fiesta 1.4L Manual       5.7L/100km
2 Proton Saga 1.3 Manual     6.0L/100km
3 Honda City   6.1L/100km
  Small Premium Family Cars    
1 VW Polo TSI           5.7L/100km
2 Ford Focus Ecoboost (NEW)   5.8L/100km
3 Mazda3 1.6   6.7L/100km
  Luxury Family Cars    
1 Toyota Altis 1.8L 7-Speed   5.5L/100km
2 Proton Preve    5.8L/100km
3 Volkswagen Jetta 1.4 TSI (NEW)      6.0L/100km
  Premium Family Cars    
1 VW Passat Sedan 1.8 TSI (NEW)   7.0L/100km
2 Volvo S60 1.6 T4 Powershift 6-Speed   7.5L/100km   
2 Suzuki Kizashi 2.5 (NEW)      7.5L/100km
3 Ford Mondeo 2L EcoBoost(NEW)     7.7L/100km
  Executive Cars    
1 BMW 320i (NEW)    6.0L/100km
2 Mercedes C-Class 200 CGI   7.2L/100km
2 Volkswagen CC 1.8TFSI   7.2L/100km
3 Volvo S60 1.6 Turbo T4 (NEW)   7.3L/100km
  Premium Executive Cars    
1 BMW 520 Diesel (NEW)     5.2L/100km
2 Mercedes E-Class E200K CGI (NEW)   5.6L/100km
3 Jaguar XF 3L Diesel (NEW)   6.8L/100km
  Super Saloons    
1 Porsche Panamera Diesel   6.5L/100km
2 Mercedes Benz CLS 350   6.8L/km100
3 Jaguar XJL Diesel (NEW)     7.0L/100km
  Performance Coupe Cars    
1 Volkswagen Scirrocco TFSi   6.3L/100km
2 Toyota GT86    6.9L/100km
3 Audi A5 2L TFSI Quattro (NEW)   7.5L/100km
  Performance Hot Hatch    
1 Mini Cooper S JCW     6.9L/100km
2 Ford Focus ST (NEW)   7.2L/100km
3 Volkswagen Golf GTi Mk6   7.4L/100km
  Pickup Trucks    
1 Isuzu D-Max Hi-DEF     7.6L/100km
2 Mazda BT50 (NEW)   7.7L/100km  
2 Ford Ranger XLT (NEW)   7.7L/100km
3 Mitsubishi Triton (NEW)   8.2L/100km
  Compact MPV’s    
1 Honda Freed 1.5L   6.1L/100km
2 Volkswagen Cross Touran 1.4L TSI       7.0L/100km
3 Toyota Avanza 1.5L   7.1L/100km
  Luxury MPV’s    
1 Ford S-Max Ecoboost 2L     8.1L/100km
2 VW Sharan TFSI   8.5L/100km
3 Mercedes R-Class R280   8.9L/100km
  Compact SUV’s    
1 Range Rover Evoque 2.2L Diesel (NEW)     5.7L/100km
2 Land Rover Freelander 2.2L TD4 Diesel      7.0L/100km
2 Subaru XV     7.0L/100km
3 BMW X3 2-L Twinturbo    7.5L/100km
  Luxury SUV’s    
1 Lexus RX 270     6.3L/100km
2 VW Touareg 3L Diesel    7.2L/100km
2 Porsche Cayenne Diesel    7.2L/100km
3 VW Touareg Hybrid    8.2L/100km
  Premium SUV’s    
1 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport VGT 2.5L Diesel (NEW)   6.7L/100km
2 Chevrolet Captiva 2.0 Diesel (NEW)   7.0L/100km
3 Hyundai Santa Fe 2.2L Diesel  (NEW)     7.2L/100km
1 Toyota Prius c (NEW)        3.7L/100km
2 Lexus CT200h     3.8L/100km
3 Toyota Prius 3rd Generation   3.9L/100km