DB4 GT to be revived…but for track only

Aston Martin is bringing back the DB4 GT. Produced from 1959 to 1963, the model was widely regarded as Britain’s fastest passenger car. Only 75 were made; the value of each of the surviving ones today exceeds 3 million pounds (USD3.7 million).

This legendary, 3.7-liter, 6-cylinder sports car was piloted to victory at Silverstone in 1959 by racing champion Stirling Moss. Now the Aston management says it will hand-build 25 new DB4 GTs that continue the original model VIN numbers from where they stopped. The modern versions will be based on the original “lightweight” specification version of the DB4 GT, of which Aston made only eight. They will cost 1.5 million pounds each. You can order them directly from the factory and have it delivered by the end of 2017.

Here’s the catch: They are only legal for the track. But each owner will receive membership in a two-year international track-driving program that hosts them at courses around the world, from Abu Dhabi and Asia to Europe and North America. The program uses professional instructors and Le Mans winners to help customers master driving techniques.

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