Subaru leads Audi Quattro in all wheel drive sales

According to Subaru U.K., the company now commands 15% of the global market for all-wheel-drive cars with the automaker selling some 965,892 units of all-wheel-drive cars around the globe. That number is 245,382 more than the next-best seller, Audi, which sold 720,510 units of their quattro cars in 2016, and well above Jaguar Land Rover, which sold a decent 485,797 units.

Most of that sales volume, interestingly enough, comes from the U.S. A total of 60% of all-wheel-drive Subaru’s sold globally were in the states, while a mere 50,000 units being sold throughout the whole of Europe in that same timeframe. The brand sees even less success in the U.K., selling just 1,210 vehicles in the first five months of 2017, a 19% drop over the previous year.

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