Porsche’s latest generation of diesel engines could be its last


As Volkswagen Group’s cheating on diesel emissions tests starts to cast a shadow over its Porsche sports-car division, ot looks like an end of Porsche diesel powered Cayenne’s is in the horizon.

Porsche is spending a billion euros to overhaul its main Stuttgart plant and build the brand’s first battery-only model, the four-door Mission E sedan, which is due on the market in 2019. It is the first German carmaker to say in public that it could discontinue diesel.

“Of course we are looking into this issue,” Blume said in an interview at the Nuerburgring motor sports complex in western Germany. “We have not made a decision on it.”

Whether diesel has a future at Porsche will be decided by the end of the decade, as part of an overall engine strategy, Blume said.

Porsche will offer a mix of combustion engines, plug-in hybrid vehicles and purely battery-powered cars over the next 10 to 15 years, he said.

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