Audi to build Tesla SUV rival

This all new electric SUV from Audi will challenge the Tesla Model X. The production model will be Audi’s first electric SUV and will fit between the Q5 midsize SUV and the Q7 large SUV. Audi has not disclosed a production name for the model but German media reports say it will be called the Q6.

The SUV will have a range of 500km and a quick charging function to replenish 80 percent of its power within 25 minutes. The model will also use induction technology for wireless low-speed charging. The SUV will have three electric engines, one for the front axle and two for the rear axle. In the e-tron quattro concept, this combination gave a total output of 320kW and a 0-100kph (62mph) acceleration time of 4.6 seconds.

Audi will assemble the battery for the car using cell modules supplied by Korean electronic specialists LG and Samsung. The SUV’s electric motors have been developed by Audi’s technical center in Hungary.

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