BR-V yearly sales target achieved in just 6 months

Honda Malaysia announced that the popular BR-V has recorded impressive sales of close to 11,000 units within 6 months of its launch, exceeding its annual sales target of 10,000 units. The Full 7-Seater Crossover with the body of a ‘SUV’ and the space of a ‘MPV’ has enabled Honda Malaysia to penetrate into a new market as the BR-V offers a stylish yet practical alternative priced below RM100,000. Honda Malaysia has set a new sales target of 15,000 units, a 50% increase from the initial target for the BR-V for the remaining months of 2017.

Based on this record, the V variant leads the number of sales at 80% while the remaining 20% sales come from the E Variant. In terms of colour preference, Taffeta White and Modern Steel Metallic appears to be the favourite among the customers, recording 27% and 25% sales respectively whereas the Dark Ruby Red Pearl, Golden Brown Metallic and Lunar Silver Metallicshared similar sales percentage at 16% to 17%.

The class-topping features of the BR-V such as biggest trunk space, highest engine output and highest ground clearance has been overwhelmingly received by both urban and sub-urban customers from all over Malaysia. In terms of BR-V sales recorded by region, Klang Valley contributed the highest sales figures at 44% where majority of customers were attracted to the BR-V’s practicality as both a family and city driving vehicle. Southern region recorded 20% sales while the Northern region contributed 18%.

The introduction of BR-V has also enabled Honda Malaysia to further penetrate the East Malaysia market. Sales records show that it has been very well accepted in East Malaysia, achieving 10% of total sales in Malaysia and exceeding Honda Malaysia’s initial target of 6%. The BR-V contributes 34% to the overall sales garnered in East Malaysia. The high adaptability of the vehicle on various road terrains in East Malaysia directly meets the increasing demand for utility and high ground vehicles there, especially among families who are also looking for a practical and suitable 7-Seater.

Based on internal sales information, the average BR-V customers are mostly National upgraders and Non-National additional car buyers who are looking for a bigger vehicle within their budget to accommodate the needs of their growing families. The BR-V also seemed to be the choice for about 14% of first time car buyers due to its affordable price, good fuel economy and sporty exterior features. Customers of the BR-V were also attracted to the appealing legroom and headroom at the 3rd row which is very convenient and provides the riding comfort for adults during long distance journeys. Apart from that, the National upgraders were also pleasantly surprised to learn that Honda Malaysia has 91 authorised dealers nationwide which means they can have easy access to affordable after sales maintenance.

Honda Malaysia reassured that the expected delivery period for the BR-V remains at 1 to 2 months. The Company is taking all necessary steps to ensure fast and efficient delivery to customers without compromising on vehicle quality control. The Company appreciates the patience and understanding of all Honda customers.

For more information on the BR-V or to book a test drive, customers can visit any of the 91 Honda authorized dealers nationwide or call Honda’s Toll Free number at 1-800-88-2020 or log onto

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