Chevrolet Colorado – when a pickup truck becomes a lifestyle vehicle for the family

This new Colorado is built with the DNA of a true Chevy truck, expected to deliver class-leading power, payload and comfort, even in the rough. This Chevrolet Colorado has a class leading payload capacity and trailer capacity of more than 3.5tonnes. That is more than enough capability to pile in a weekend’s worth of camping gear in the rear bed and also tow a small fishing boat to lake Pedu up north. This Colorado also offers a proven Duramax 2.5L VGT turbodiesel already offered in global markets.

The Colorado pickup is not a new product and its previous outgoing models have always been a pickup truck that was better known for its ruggedness and durability rather than refinement and driving performance. For utilitarian applications, these are the right set of attributes to have, but up against powerful and sophisticated rivals such as the all new Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger, it is a difficult sell as is. This is why we now have this all new Colorado pickup truck to challenge the abovementioned in all areas. Now comes a new Colorado that sports a more powerful engine than its predecessor, producing 180PS and 440Nm, which are very respectable figures.

Available with a choice of two 6-speed transmissions, a manual for the working driver and an automatic for the lifestyle family driver, the Thai-imported Colorado is powered by General Motors’s brand new new 2,499cc variable geometry turbo engine.

Prices for this all new Colorado start from RM99,911 for the 2.5 LT manual, RM107,948 for the 2.5 LT auto, RM115,031 for the 2.5 LTZ auto, RM124,916 for the 2.8 LTZ auto and finally RM133,128 for the range-topping 2.8 High Country auto. It can be had in five colours; Blue Mountain, Switchblade Silver, Black Meet Kettle, Summit White, and Pull Me Over Red.

We decided to test drive the High Country Colorado model with all the available features with added luxury. Connectivity is critical to today’s driver and this is why this new Colorado is the first in its segment to come with Apple CarPlayTM applications with Siri Eye Free feature. The Apple CarPlayTM allows intelligent functions such as phone screen mirroring, drivers may now able to project a simplified version of their smartphone screen onto the truck’s infotainment system colour touchscreen.

Complemented by Siri Eyes Free and voice recognition software, allowing drivers to give verbal commands ensuring their hands never have to leave the steering wheel for a safer journey. This system also enables the new Colorado to support the driver’s lifestyle.

This Chevrolet Colorado is awarded with ANCAP & ASEAN NCAP 5 star rating, thus making this new Colorado one of the safest pickup truck in the industry. With wide range of new active safety features, this highly advance pickup truck introduces Lane Departure Warning (LDW) where it helps in alerting drivers when unintentionally drifting out of their lane without a turn signal at a given speed.
Another safety features would be the Forward Collision Alert (FCA). Should the distance between the drivers to vehicle ahead goes beyond the warning level, driver will be alerted with both audible and visual alerts to a potential crash risk via the instrument cluster.

The All-New Colorado also comes equipped with Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). TPMS’s main function is to alert the driver of the tire pressure abnormalities in each of the 4 wheels for peace-of-mind while on the road.

Driving experience of this all new Colorado is a considerable leap, compared to the existing model and especially when compared the previous generation, which showed little interest beyond becoming anything other than an accomplished workhorse. Thanks to added firepower, overtaking slower traffic in this Colorado is a cinch, with surprisingly minimal effort required to accrue and maintain high speeds.


The engine, as a whole, is impressively refined; it is smooth and measured with its power delivery, with noise levels generally low. It is a very civilized engine, and General Motors also took care to spread its torque over a wide range of revs, ensuring almost instantaneous throttle response. There were only very few occasions when the 6-speed auto was caught in the wrong gear but it corrected itself and we were back in the run. The combination of the engine and gearbox makes driving this Colorado a pleasingly effortless affair.

Matching the powertrain’s excellence is a well-calibrated chassis that is impressively composed at high speeds and surprisingly reassuring around corners. General Motors evidently paid far greater attention to ride comfort than they did with the previous model, and the result is a suspension set up that soaks up bumps and road patches with great aplomb. It’s less effective with smaller obstacles such as road strips and other low amplitude disturbances, but pot holes and expansion joints are convincingly thumped away as though they are not there.

Overall, this Colorado is a commendable effort from Chevrolet and General Motors. It is a well-resolved high-performance truck from which we also have no reason to expect anything less. It is a complete product and after a few days of driving an eminently capable and well-engineered vehicle we can see many buyers taking it home as a family vehicle.

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