Continental Tyre Malaysia Launched its brand-new Generation 6 Products

Who ever thinks of their tyres? We don’t, until we got invited to go for a press trip by Continental tires to learn, feel and experience their new range of ‘6’ series tires.

Continental Tyre Malaysia unveiled its two brand-new Generation 6 products – UltraContact UC6 and ComfortContact CC6, which are custom-designed for Malaysian road conditions and customer expectations. The launch of the Generation 6 products demonstrate CTM’s relentless pursuit in providing the Malaysian consumers with an enhanced driving experience.

Continental Tyres have invested heavily in R&D to develop the Generation 6 products by conducting extensive tests to deliver the premium product quality that the brand represents. UltraContact UC6 and ComfortContact CC6 have been designed based on an in-depth understanding of the needs and driving habits of car drivers in the APAC region.

UltraContact UC6 Product Highlights:

· Enhanced driving experience balanced across all performance features: With advanced German technology and innovative tread design, UltraContact UC6 provides superior ride and a perfect all-around performance.

· High safety levels maintained even on wet roads: To maintain high level of safety on wet roads, engineers at Continental Tyres re-invented the tread design by adding Aqua Drainage to enhance wet grip and reduce aquaplaning. In addition, the Diamond Edge Pattern of the UltraContact UC6 prevents the “rolling-in” effect of the pattern blocks for short braking distances. The chamfered angle also wipes the water film away on wet roads, ensuring extreme short braking distances in wet conditions.

· Adaptive Diamond Blend Compound combines grip and mileage: The Diamond Blend Compound, consisting of short-chained grip-polymers and long-chained mileage-polymers have been elevated to an unprecedented level. This enables a high grip level for braking and cornering, combined with provision of longer mileage.

· Decreased noise levels: UltraContact UC6 lowers the noise level further by introducing Noise Breakers 2.0, an enhanced version of the well-known Noise Breaker concept to interrupt the noise waves in the grooves.

· Wide range of sizes: Available for rims with diameters from 15 to 18 inches, covering a wide range of passenger car vehicle models.

ComfortContact CC6 Product Highlights:

· Superior comfort: Best choice for drivers who consider comfort a priority in their riding experience.

· Low noise levels: Positioned on the inner shoulder of the tyre pattern, Harmonic Comfort Chambers, based on the “Helmholtz resonator” principle, cancel out unpleasant noise frequencies. The “Whisper Compound” of the CC6 features polymers which adapt to the rough surface of the road, resulting in the reduction of vibration for less tyre noise.

· Flexible compound absorbs road bumps: The selected “Whisper Compound” also supports the damping effect to provide improved rolling comfort.

· High mileage performance: With the advanced sulphur network in the compound acting as an enhanced bond for the polymers, the product delivers greater efficiency in mileage performance.

· Wide range of sizes: Available for rims with diameters of 13 to 16 inches.

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