Diesel sales decline as German cities ban diesels

There is discontent in Germany as more and more cities institute a ban of diesel engine vehicles in the city. Stuttgart, home of Mercedes-Benz and Porsche is the latest to ban diesel vehicles.

The national debate on diesel, which last year made up 46% of car deliveries, has unsettled consumers, and sales of models with the technology have been dropping. Adding to the discontent, VW and Daimler are also caught up in another scandal with BMW over allegations they colluded on technology. BMW vehemently denies any wrongdoing.

Possible driving bans in some German municipalities clash with an industry that employs tens of thousands to produce vehicles using diesel technology. While states appear willing to strike deals that allow carmakers to upgrade older models, cities and judges are likely to push back. In Munich, a court in March compelled the city to prepare diesel prohibitions to bring down nitrogen oxide levels.

The Stuttgart case considered whether Baden-Wuerttemberg had adequate measures in place to bring down emissions. The city, situated in a valley in the country’s southwest, regularly records levels above European Union regulations. To improve air quality, bans shouldn’t only be on days with high emissions, but rather applied on a longer-term basis.

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