Europeans are buying 15% less diesels in 2017

Europe used to be the market for the diesel car. But not any longer, at least according to April 2017 registration figures from JATO Dynamics. Overall, the market declined 7.1% but sales of diesel cars dropped by more than twice this month, with a 15% plunge in April –May 2017.

In April 2016, one in two cars sold in Europe were diesel. Last month, that fell to 46% meaning diesel is no longer the dominant fuel type for Europeans.

“While there are several reasons for this shift, all evidence points to the Dieselgate scandal as the start of this decline,” said JATO Dynamics global automotive analyst Felipe Munoz. “Since the scandal, which broke in 2015, the fuel type has suffered major setbacks to its reputation as governments consider new legislation that directly affect diesel car owners.

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