Experience More Power with Caltex Power DieselTM (Euro 5) with Techron® D

Caltex®, has just launched its Euro 5 compliant diesel fuel, the enhanced Caltex Power DieselTM (Euro 5) with Techron® D, a new ultra-premium diesel product that is cleaner and provides more power and more reliability with every fill.

Caltex Power DieselTM (Euro 5) with Techron® D, is an improved ultra-premium diesel containing Chevron’s exclusive Techron® D additive to control deposits, help maintain fuel injector cleanliness and enable optimum engine performance. The launch of this new ultra-premium diesel product is in line with Chevron’s commitment to offer excellent products, clean service stations and efficient services to meet our customers’ need without compromise.

Developed with near-zero sulfur content, Caltex Power DieselTM (Euro 5) with Techron® D contains less than 10 parts per million (ppm) of sulfur, in comparison to the current Euro 2M diesel fuel which contains 500ppm – a factor of more than 50.

“We understand that our customers’ needs are constantly evolving in this ever fast paced environment. The introduction of Caltex Power DieselTM (Euro 5) with Techron® D is proof of our commitment to provide customers with clean, safe and reliable quality products which not only increase vehicle performance but prevent engine corrosion for both old and new diesel engines,” said Shahid Ahmed, Country Chairman, Chevron Malaysia.

He continued by saying, “The launch of our new ultra-premium diesel with Euro 5 is aimed to reinforce the Caltex brand as a quality fuel provider and making it the fuel of choice for Malaysian motorists.”

In a diesel engine, keeping the fuel injectors clean is critical as diesel fuel injectors are prone to deposit formation. Deposits can upset the injector spray pattern and hinder the fuel-air mixing process and this can result in decreased fuel economy, decreased engine performance and increased emissions. The new Caltex Power DieselTM (Euro 5) with Techron® D has been proven to help clean up and keep clean fuel injectors and optimise power. This new product benefits are supported by various tests and research. In engine and laboratory tests, it has proven to deliver excellent results including:

· 100 % Clean Fuel Injector that translates to optimal fuel economy, lesser emissions and restoration of lost power

· Zero Power Loss

· Metal surface protection against corrosion

· Foamless, resulting in a faster and cleaner fill

“We are confident that such product benefits are what motorists are looking for in premium diesel products. By introducing a more powerful, efficient and clean diesel fuel, we hope to make the journeys of Malaysians’ more memorable and enjoyable,” said Ahmed.

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