Hyundai Tucson Turbo Diesel – With Euro5 diesel readily available around Malaysia, it is time to look at a diesel SUV

Hyundai Tucson Turbo Diesel test drive
With Euro5 diesel readily available around Malaysia, it is time to look at a diesel SUV
Review and Pictures by Daniel Fernandez

The current 2016 Hyundai Tucson with its 2.0L petrol engine has been selling well, so local Hyundai brand guardian, Sime Darby decided to give Malaysian SUV buyers the option for a torque filled engine. So now we have the latest Hyundai Diesel Turbo engine in this Tucson on sale.

Tucson Diesel Exterior

No change here and you really cannot tell the difference between the 3 variants on offer until you open the engine hood and see the engine top cover. The Tucson design still employs sculpted body forms and sporty contours for an athletic, bold and striking appearance. The front view proudly presents a hexagonal-shaped grille, a key element of Hyundai’s design signature, enhanced by available high-efficiency LED twin-projector headlights, LED headlight accents and integrated LED Daytime Running Lights (DRLs).

Tucson Diesel Cabin

On the inside there is the wide instrument panel that contours to enhance occupants’ overall sense of interior roominess. Interior touch points have been upgraded with premium, soft-touch materials. All interior switchgear has a more refined feel during operation. A new feature is the Android entertainment system which is easy to use and it comes with WAZE for easy navigation around Malaysia. This Tucson also offers a choice of three Drive Mode selections i.e Normal, Sports and Eco to match the drivers’ mood and driving conditions.

The rear tailgate opening has been enlarged in every dimension, for greater cargo flexibility. The 60/40 rear seatbacks have a greater range of adjustable recline for varying combinations of passengers and cargo, with an increased available recline of 37 degrees compared with 28 degrees for the previous model.

Tucson Diesel Performance

We already liked the Nu engine family, 2.0-liter, direct-injected four-cylinder with 164 horsepower, coupled with a 6-speed automatic transmission. Now with the new diesel engine you get 178bhp and an impressive 400Nm of torque. This allows for very easy overtaking along back water JKR maintained state roads and when you need a shove in speed along the open highway. From ignition the cabin hears very little of the engine and from the start of your journey, this Tuscon is composed and very comfortable. When you need to overtake, the diesel torque does not hesitate and the surge of power is quick and very addictive. Yes, you will find yourself loving the power delivery at just a little pedal action.

Diesel economy is also very good, even with the rising cost of premium Euro5 diesel which we recommend getting from BHPetrol stations. Yes, the diesel clatter is still evident, but its much quieter and the exhaust does not emit smoke anymore….simply because better quality diesel is sold in Malaysia and the new CDRi engine has been improved.

Tucson Turbo Enhancements

To improve NVH characteristics, this Tucson comes with a number of sound dampening and insulation measures, such as:

· Engine mounts have been enlarged to better absorb engine vibrations

· Rear cross-members have changed from a direct-mount design to a bushing-mount design

· Sound insulation material has been added to the inner fenders, underbody, instrument panel, transmission tunnel and all cabin pillars

· The door latch mechanisms were extensively refined, with lower noise, pull resistance, internal friction, and greater closure damping

· To lower wind noise in the cabin, aerodynamics have also been improved to 0.33 Cd, a 0.02 lower coefficient of drag (Cd) than the former model

· Tucson’s lower coefficient of drag was achieved through a special aerodynamic design focus on the A-pillar design, rear spoiler side garnish design and underbody panels, all of which reduce air vortex and resulting aerodynamic drag.

Tucson Safety Features

This Tucson range has been engineered to provide its passengers with multiple defensive safety layers. The A-pillar and mirror blind spots were reduced for enhanced driver visibility. The steel unibody has integrated crumple zones and a high-tensile front sub-frame designed to work together to reduce the forces that typically reach the passenger compartment. The center pillars serve as the anchors of a ring structure which improves overall side structure stiffness while also creating more room for the door armrest and seat. All four doors also have internal guard beams to protect passengers in a side-impact collision.

The entire body shell has been made stiffer and lighter thanks to extensive use of advanced high-strength steel, and the use of Tailor Welded Blanks (TWB) reinforces key structural members. TWB assemblies combine steels of different thickness and grades using a sophisticated laser welding and stamping process to achieve an optimal stiffness-to-weight ratio. TWBs reduce body weight while enhancing crash energy management.

The Tucson now comes in 3 variants:
• 2.0L Elegance (RM126,188)
• 1.6L Turbo GDI (RM145,688)
• 2.0L CRDI Diesel (RM155,788)

All prices stated are on the road prices and excludes insurance. All Tucson variants have also been granted the Energy Efficient Vehicle (EEV) status from the Malaysia government. All Tucson variants are entitled to 50,000km free service with 3-years validity. HSDM offers a 5-year or 300,000km (whichever comes first) warranty on all its new passenger vehicles.

Hyundai Tucson 2.0 CRDi Specifications
Engine: 4-cylinder Diesel Turbo
Displacement: 1995cc
Transmission: 6-speed automatic
Max Power: 178PS @ 4000rpm
Max Torque: 400Nm @ 1750-2750rpm
0-100km/h NA
Top Speed: NA
Price: RM155,788.00

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