Leona Chin to take MUDAH Racing to another level in motorsports

MUDAH Racing is set to another level in motorsports with a more active programme of activities. The team, headed by Leona Chin, will be seen in action this weekend at the inaugural Vios Challenge One-Make Race in Batu Kawan, Penang.

With her many years of experience in different forms of motorsport on and off the track, as well as drifting, Leona will be using her experience with her team to present a strong challenge to other rivals at the race which will be held on August 12 and 13.

While much of her motorsport activity is done in Malaysia, Leona also competed overseas in Thailand, Singapore and China. Her second overall finish in the Renault Clio Cup China Series last year was the best ever achievement by a female racing driver in Asia.

Cars and motorsports have been a passion for Leona since her teenage years. While she started off just being interested in cars, it was her experience of drifting that got her hooked, changing her world as she knew it.

As her presence in drifting increased, she caught the eyes of some companies who saw value in having her associated with their brand. Red Bull was among the first to invite her to join their team, providing her an opportunity to enter the racing world.

The more Leona raced, the more she wanted to experience other forms of motorsport. She tried rallying, gymkhanas, autocross and go-karting. One could say that whatever there was on four wheels, she wanted to get behind the wheel and explore the limits she could take it to.

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“My aim has been to develop myself to be an all-around racer, a jack of all trades,” she said. “I used to be known as the ‘girl drifter’, but I would like to be known as a motorsport athlete.”

In her role as team manager of MUDAH Racing, Leona will be urging her team members to give their best under the high-pressured conditions of competition. “It’s all about not giving up. For me, giving up means I’ve already lost even before I’ve started. It’s all about moving forward and doing the best you can.”

Through her motorsports activities, Leona has gained celebrity status and is often recruited by companies to represent or promote their brand and products. For example, she has an association with Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia which sees her showing off the capabilities of the Mitsubishi Triton pick-up in different conditions.

Like many racers who have reached a certain stage in their career where they have accumulated much experience, Leona wants to share it with others. She knows what it’s like to be a newcomer as she has been through that and, together with friends, now organises events that help those interested in motorsport to get a start.

“I want to create an avenue for newcomers to develop the basics of motorsports, just like I did. I want to be able to give them the first steps towards forging a career in racing,” she said.

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