Mazda BT50 gets an aggressive facelift

Posted On 06 Jun 2017
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Meet the revised black edition Mazda BT50 which is ready for a fight. This special edition BT50 has been given some added aggression and we must say it looks like a best seller for urban buyers. Price and details have yet to be shared and we are the first to see it in the flesh.

When it comes to on-road ability and comfort, the BT50 is still ahead of some others. It steers, corners, grips and goes in a manner more reminiscent of a large car or SUV. The accommodation for driver and front seat passenger arguably also betters its competitors. On the open road, this BT50 belies its size and feels ‘light’ and car-like. On winding roads, its abilities (and remember it is almost a two-tonne pickup truck) will have you believing that you can chuck the BT50 into corners… and you can within reason. When pushed, the BT50’s diesel is smooth and sounds rather sedate where it is not as noisy as others.

Well it is up to the new added styling that would influence your decision. Which one strikes your fancy?

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