Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe – Why is this not locally assembled and with EEV status to get the price for me to own one?

The Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupé makes quite an impression as the sports car among the Mercedes‑Benz SUV range.

Perfect combination of design elements from two different worlds

The combination of multifunctional SUV and dynamic coupé neatly fuses emotion with dynamics. With an exterior length of 4.73 metres, a height of 1.60 metres and a wheelbase of 2.87 metres, the Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupé is dynamic and compact in appearance. This makes the coupé almost eight centimetres longer and some four centimetres lower than the multi-talented GLC, with which it shares its basic architecture. The GLC Coupé owes its distinct character to a characteristically coupé-esque, single-louvred diamond radiator grille and a restyled, dropping roof line. The A‑pillar is less steeply raked, while the continuation of the roof outline is lower, terminating in the elegantly flowing, muscular tail end characteristic of a coupé.

The design has also bestowed superlative aerodynamics on the new GLC Coupé. With a cd value of 0.31 and a drag area of 2.53 m2, the coupé clearly leads its segment with cd x A = 0.79. Apart from the vehicle’s streamlined basic form, this exceptional aerodynamic performance also results from a host of detail solutions, such as sealing of the radiator and headlamp surrounds, a radiator shutter and optimised underbody panelling.

Practical Mercedes
However sporty and aesthetically appealing, the dynamic GLC Coupé also impresses with some practical features too. With a capacity of 491 to 1400 litres, the load compartment leads this market segment. And the availability of space in both front and rear puts the Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupé on a par with the GLC in terms of comfort. Entrance height, shoulder room, elbow room and legroom are all identical.

Safety, it goes without saying
In keeping with the Mercedes-Benz tradition, the body forms the foundation for exemplary crash safety. Numerous airbags serve to protect the vehicle’s occupants in an accident. These include combined thorax/pelvis sidebags for driver and front passenger and an optimised windowbag extending over both seat rows, optional sidebags for the outer rear seats and a driver kneebag.

Elegance meets off-road passion
The combination of multifunctional SUV and emotively appealing coupé, this GLC Coupé shares its basic architecture with the multi-talented GLC, it is almost eight centimetres longer and some four centimetres lower and sports hallmark coupé proportions which are considerably more dynamic. The steeply raked front flows into the bonnet, which leads to a less steeply inclined A-pillar. From this a restyled, sloped roof line follows, finishing in an elegantly flowing, powerfully curved coupé tail end. Also less steeply raked, the rear window dispenses with a wiper, as the airflow does not break away until after the spoiler lip, which means that water is unable to strike the rear window.

Interior flair
The interior of the GLC Coupé is styled on a level thus contributing to the extremely high-quality feel of the interior and convincingly showcases contemporary luxury. The newly developed innovative touchpad in the handrest over the Controller nestles ergonomically in the centre console. A centrally positioned multifunction display is the main eye-catching feature above the centre console. Five round air outlets lend the dashboard a sporty touch. The interior lighting makes predominant use of durable, energy-saving LED technology.

Behind the wheel
The signature Mercedes DNA has been stretched with this new Coupe SUV and just like its immediate competitor the BMW X4, Mercedes has ensured a dynamic drive experience will be delivered. Get inside and the cabin of the local assembled GLC SUV has been shared with this streamlined SUV with some features borrowed and some others further upgraded. The driver gets a commanding view ahead and also for the rear. Despite the raised rear and the large rear headrests the view to the rear is still quite good.

The ride height is high but not high enough to keep retirees and ladies with short skirts to feel troubled getting in and out of the rear seats. Three adults in the rear fit nicely and just 2 will be very comfortable.

Drive evaluation
From the start of our drive it was clear that the Mercedes engine was still lively with a decent 211bhp providing plenty of city acceleration and in-gear overtaking between slow moving traffic. The 350Nm of torque comes in early, from 1200 rpm. Despite its heft, this SUV is not heavy on the corners. In ‘Sports’ mode you can feel its agility as the suspension gets tight and firm. In ‘Comfort’ mode you get easy city driving and comfort. There is a feature to get the best fuel efficiency and it works with you as you ease of the throttle and drive with a light foot on the highway.

When driven side by side with its Japanese rivals, this German machine keeps its tail in and steering tight for a more entertaining ride whilst its German rivals and neck and neck with its ability. Having a RM120k price premium over its slightly larger sibling, the local assembled GLC250 with EEV status will deter many from buying one and this is due to its high import taxes. But if you have the money…..why not be more entertained and buy this Mercedes Coupé for RM423,888.

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