Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Network Expands With Auto Commerz Joining As New Dealer Group

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Sdn Bhd (MBM) has jsut announced an additional authorised dealer partner, Auto Commerz Sdn Bhd, at the launch of the interim Mercedes-Benz Auto Commerz Autohaus.

Auto Commerz Sdn Bhd is part of the Swire Group, a highly diversified global business group which has been in operation for over 200 years focusing on five key industries, namely property, aviation, marine services, food and beverages and trading and industrial. Through its various trading operations within Swire Group, the conglomerate distributes and retails various automotive brands in Asia including retailing Mercedes-Benz vehicles in Taiwan, and now Malaysia. MBM and Auto Commerz have allocated an investment of over RM10 million over the next two years for the new dealership.

“With the launch of this new Auto Commerz Autohaus, we maintain our claim as the largest premium dealer network in Malaysia with 32 Autohauses nationwide. We strongly believe that the introduction of a new dealer group in Malaysia will enable us to continue to strengthen our brand presence in this country and deliver superior customer experience to our customers. A competitive business environment breeds excellence and this will ensure that our customers will continue to receive The Best or Nothing in customer service and products,” said Mercedes-Benz Malaysia President and CEO, Dr Claus Weidner.

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia together with dealer partner Auto Commerz aims to deliver a unique and individualized customer experience. Tailored to a specialised one-to-one experience for Mercedes-Benz customers, the interim Mercedes-Benz Auto Commerz Autohaus is able to display four showroom vehicles with official Mercedes-Benz accessories and merchandise, and financial services from Mercedes-Benz Services Malaysia.

An interim facility, the newly launched temporary Mercedes-Benz Auto Commerz Autohaus is fully compliant with the Mercedes-Benz Presentation System II (MPS II), the global Autohaus benchmark of customer experience, with the latest Mercedes-Benz Corporate Identity (CI).

“We are very excited about joining the Mercedes-Benz network. As we are supported by strong global experience and expertise, we will continue to maintain the Mercedes-Benz brand and also take customer experience to greater heights in Malaysia. We are driven by our values of integrity, excellence, endeavor, continuity and humility, to meet the customers and business environment needs with a vision to build long-term relationships with our customers,” said Auto Commerz Sdn Bhd, Dealer Principal, Mr Eric Khoo.

“Leveraging on Swire Group’s international presence, industry knowledge and experience, we are confident that the Mercedes-Benz Auto Commerz dealership will further enhance customer experience in Malaysia,” added Dr Weidner.

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia has 32 dedicated dealerships nationwide delivering the best products and the best customer experience throughout customers’ entire journey, making them the largest premium automotive dealer network in the country.

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