Stay balanced with this Honda concept

Honda Motorcycles will be introducing its second self-balancing motorcycle concept at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. Earlier this year, Honda had introduced its first self-balancing concept which was based on the Honda NC700, at the Consumer Electronics Show. That was a petrol-powered concept. This time around, Honda has put its self-balancing technology to an electric two-wheeler.

The ‘Riding Assist-e’ concept makes use of the same technology as the original Riding Assist concept. You would be surprised to know that the Riding Assist-e concept does not use gyroscopes to keep itself upright at low speeds. Instead, it uses robotics which have been developed from Honda’s UNI-CUB personal mobility device.

The concept bike uses the frame of the NC700 where the chassis holds the electric motor which delivers power to the rear wheel through a drive-shaft mounted on a single-sided swingarm. The battery is mounted close to the floor with open panels, which might be to enable quick access to the battery itself. The charging point is on the left side of the concept bike. A rear facing radiator completes the concept.

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