Stinger exhaust note to challenge Audi & BMW

Kia’s first-ever sports sedan is arriving with promises that it will challenge and probably better rivals from BMW, Audi, and Infiniti.

Specifically, for the tough and competitive North American market, Kia engineers are working on a finely tuned the exhaust note. Engineers are still trying to figure out a way to make it louder with more excitement.

Part of the exhaust revisions included moving baffles within the muffler. Kia’s Korean headquarters recently shipped 18 exhaust systems to the U.S. to be fitted onto media preview vehicles. The company spent more than a week fitting and fine tuning the exhaust so that they would have the proper sound prior to their debut.

That same hardware will carry over to the first customer’s cars, too, says the company. Malaysian buyers might also want this tune and Kia Malaysia should look into this option.

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