TOYOTA 2000 GT celebrates 50 years of existance

In 1967 Toyota released a sports car so beautiful in every possible way that even the Italians wanted to own one. This sleek, sexy Japanese sports car was even used by 007 in his 1967 adventure, ‘You Only Live Twice’. Bond actually drove a convertible version an adaptation of the production Toyota 2000GT two-door coupe that was never offered to the public.

Even though its engine was based on the inline-6 in the second generation Toyota Crown Sedan, the 2000GT would prove to be the most exciting car in the Toyota model range at the time. The engine produced 150 horsepower, and the vehicle had a curb weight of just 2,400 pounds. This allowed it to achieve a favorable 49/51 weight distribution, which made it quite light on its feet and a joy to drive on a winding mountain road.  Adding to the desirability of the 2000GT is its rarity. Only 351 cars were built and left the factory by the time production concluded in 1970 and we know of only 1 unit arriving in Malaysia to be lovingly cared for by its owner till today.

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