Toyota Dream Car Art Global Contest 2017

Two young and bright Malaysian children with innovative ideas were selected out of 830,000 entries from 79 countries all over the world in Toyota Dream Car Art Global Contest that was held in Japan.

Miss Lim Xiao Yun, made Malaysia proud by winning the silver award category in the ceremony held at Mega Web, Toyota’s vehicle experience facility in Tokyo’s Koto Ward on 23rd August 2017.

Toyota Dream Car Art contest was first introduced in 2004 to give children around the world the opportunity to feel the importance of having a dream and an occasion to develop their interest in cars. The artwork submitted this year were highly regarded by the panel of judges and the winning selections were made under the guidance of President Akio Toyoda, Chairman of Toyota Motor Corporation.

The dream car art competition is open to 3 categories of young participants. After the selection process, 30 junior artists with innovative and futuristic dream car ideas, 10 each from the three categories were chosen for the global competition.  The Toyota Dream Car Art event is also dubbed as a world largest art contest.

The contest primarily aims at encouraging children’s involvement from every nook and corner of the globe to share ideas on future mobility by expressing their creative thoughts through art form, by drawing their dream cars.

Amidst intense competition, 2 winners emerged in Malaysia as finalists for the world contest, one is a young 7 year old, Miss Choo Han Yean, and the other is the silver award winner Miss Lim Xiao Yun, 11 years of age. Both finalists qualified to the coveted global event in Japan.

Miss Lim developed a dream car art under the theme “My Save Our Earth Dream Car” which aimed at protecting the earth from harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun. She remarked that “Without the protection of the ozone layer, biodiverse life will not be possible on earth but my dream car will protect the ozone belt. Our earth also faces other threats, but my dream car with its futuristic technology will divert meteorites and waste material falling off from the sky.”

Mr. Ravindran K., the President of UMW Toyota Motor, expressed his happiness over the selection of 2 Malaysian children for the global competition and congratulated them for their diligence and perseverance.

He also said “The young mind is a fertile workshop for new creative ideas. The Toyota Dream Car Art Contest promotes the engagement of the innovative minds. This year saw many keen participants and we are extremely proud that young Malaysians are very talented and futuristic in their thoughts.”

The Dream Car Art Contest 2018 will be introduced very soon, and interested participants can be on the look out for the announcement via UMW Toyota Motor’s website and facebook account in early November 2017.

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