Volkswagen Passat – Reengineered to regain your confidence and it got ours

With the debut of the new Passat, Volkswagen is revealing a design that combines stylish clarity with a high level of impressive power. Clarity and power – these two elements merge on the exterior of this 8th generation Volkswagen Passat to create a design that conveys exclusivity. This Passat represents a new type of business class – a transition car between the mid- and premium classes and between the B and C segments.

Evolution of a model series
Volkswagen has been perfecting the Passat for over four decades. “Breathtaking proportions”, because an entirely new design platform was made available for the Passat for the first time in the modular transverse matrix (MQB). Although it is nearly as long as the previous model, the car’s wheelbase grew by a considerable 79mm; the front and rear wheels were made larger and are now positioned further out to the sides, making it possible to shorten the body overhangs significantly. At the same time, the Passat was made lower and wider.

This Passat is 4,767mm long and therefore 2mm shorter than the previous model. At the same time, its wheelbase was lengthened by the aforementioned 79mm to 2,791mm. The front wheels were shifted 29mm towards the front bumper, and the rear wheels 17mm towards the rear bumper (the occupant cell was lengthened by 33 mm). The result: shorter body overhangs (67mm less at front, 13mm less at rear). At the same time, the Passat was made 14mm lower (1,456mm) and 12mm wider (1,832mm). These dimensions enabled a ratio of proportions that provided ideal conditions for creating a design that was as powerful as it was exclusive.

Those encountering the new Volkswagen Passat for the first time will notice that the car is not a typical mid-class car based on its design; the style would also be appropriate for a car in the upper mid-class or premium class.

Exclusive cabin atmosphere
The interior designers developed an interior whose aesthetics, clarity and high value are a match for the sophisticated overall concept of the eighth generation Volkswagen Passat, the interior is more avant-garde, distinctive and multifaceted than ever. Although the new Passat is 2mm shorter than the previous model, interior length has grown by 33mm. The boot cargo capacity has increased by 21 to 586 litres.

Driver-oriented architecture
The designers placed special value on a driver-oriented design and a very spacious feeling of the front interior area. The centre console also has en extremely clean layout, is well organised, and the controls are easy to access. The infotainment system is integrated high on the console and is easy to see; the climate controls are positioned beneath it. Since the console between the driver and front passenger has a sporty incline up towards the infotainment system, the gear shift gate is up high, and the gear shift grip is in an ideal ergonomic position.

Active Info Display
In the Passat, Volkswagen is launching an instrument cluster that has been designed as a full interactive display: the Active Info Display. All instruments are implemented virtually via software. Only the icon lights at the lower border of the display are still implemented in hardware. Navigation information can be shown in 2D or 3D views on a 12.3-inch display. Its resolution of 1,440 x 540 pixels enables extremely precise, high-quality graphics and interactive display of all details. Take the Navigation mode, for instance: Here the speedometer and tachometer are relocated to the sides in order to create more space for the map. Information on driving, navigation and assistance functions can be integrated into the graphic areas of the speedometer and tachometer as needed. Data that is displayed on the centre console via the infotainment system, such as phone contact pages or CD covers, can also be shown in the Active Info Display in the Passat. Volkswagen is offering the Active Info Display as an optional alternative to analogue instruments.

Infotainment system
The new Passat is launching with second-generation infotainment systems from Volkswagen. The latest systems of this modular infotainment platform (MIB) enables a maximum degree of connectivity in coupling to external devices. Its various interfaces include an interface to smart phones and related apps via MirrorLink™. The infotainment systems also have faster processors (optimised booting, quicker route calculation, smoother touchscreen performance, perfected voice dialogues) and new displays with higher resolution.

Driving this new Passat
With a liner and progressive 220bhp, this sedan has the power delivery of the VW Golf GTI. The benchmark in performance driving. Yes, despite all the issues Volkswagen has been having in Malaysia in the past 2 years, this is still an international, global producer of vehicles and past issues had to be rectified in order to keep running their business.

Moreover with millions of Ringgit spent in a state of the art assembly factory in Pekan Pahang, Volkswagen in Malaysia have been working hard with their dealers to solve all problems with most of the previous selling models. Yes, it takes time and then with enough financial muscle, Volkswagen in Malaysia has moved to the next phase of the business which is to keep selling cars that make sense. That is why this new Passat makes sense. It is very well equipped, well built and comes with true driving enjoyment. Like the GTI, steering inputs are felt with good engine urgency and very quick gear changes. This relates to a drive experience that has us all impressed. It is just that ‘bad taste in the mouth’ feeling from the many issues of the past that deter buyers from taking a test drive in this new Passat that now comes with a FACTORY backed full warranty.

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