Volkswagen POLO 1.6 TSI – Compact car ownership just became interesting with this latest Polo!

This is a revised fifth-generation Polo from Volkswagen and the 2nd version to arrive officially at our shores. This version of the Polo is the largest ever and also the most technically advanced. In fact, this new Polo is just like a smaller Golf: solid, well built and with exemplary handling and balance. It looks like a scaled down Golf, which gives budget car buyers the ability to downsize without moving to a lesser product.

With many Malaysian car buyers looking at downsizing their vehicles because of the worrying economic climate, this VW Polo makes a good possibility as it carries that ‘big car drive feel’ in a small car package.

At just RM69,888 for a limited time and with a monthly loan repayment of RM737.00 only (Peninsular Malaysia, excluding registration and insurance) there is more than just a downsized car here.

It still has the looks that most women desire and men will also find this car very attractive. Modern proportioned styling with sharpish lines from nose to tail, this Polo heads into evergreen territory with its looks. This generation Polo has grown in size with length and width. Let’s take a look inside. The interior is very roomy and with loads of head and legroom for people over 6-feet tall. The 60:40 split rear backrests also allows for the Polo to carry adventure gear and DIY furniture. In the rear shoulder-to-shoulder space is noticeably better or same as class favorites but after a few minutes we noticed that the front seats were actually large, firm and provided great comfort.

The Polo 1.6 now comes equipped with the new RCD 330G head unit which offers a wide range of connectivity options to the customers with capacitive touch display, single CD player (WMA/MP3 compatible), USB and iPod interface, AUX-IN support, SD card slot, and Bluetooth with MirrorLink connectivity.

Take this compact VW Polo along the back roads of Perak from Tanjung Malim to Ipoh and you will feel how on these JKR maintained backroads you can track through tight hairpins and storm through sweeping bends safe in the knowledge that the Polo’s chassis can handle the run and get you through easily and without much fuss.

Okay, you might not be travelling at the speed of the VW Golf R, but nevertheless there is a sense of satisfaction to be had by getting your lines right and carrying your speed with you. Do so and you can cover ground surprisingly quickly without the need for more horsepower.

The Polo’s tidy body control and good grip keeps it stable and it feels secure at speed. Plus, the steering comes with crisp turn-in and is quick to respond. Add in decent brakes with good brake pedal feel and you have a well-rounded, wieldy, and fun driving machine.

The 1.6-litre twin cam petrol engine under the Polo’s bonnet is a trusting machine with years of trouble-free service around the globe, it willingly provides power across a broad range and hits the spot around 3,500-3,800rpm.

Best part is…..all this fun comes with little ride penalty. The ride does have a firm hard edge but the suspension is compliant enough to absorb the uneven pavement from even the many city potholes without jarring us and our passengers.

Think about it……name me another car at RM69,888.00 that can provide all the above with German build and engineering and we will say no more.

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