Would you buy this AMG-tuned X-Class pickup truck

The engineers at Affalterbach are already thinking of giving their all new truck some more muscle. Meet the Mercedes X63 AMG. If they can do their tuning magic to the G-Class wagon, why can’t they do it to this all new pickup truck? There are enough rich farmers, cowboys, junkyard kings and just plain ole rich middle eastern drivers who would love to have this ‘bad boy’ Mercedes in their garage.

This speculative design adds a new lower fascia at the front with the swoopy design of modern AMG vehicles. The blacked-out grille, roof, and bed cap bring some extra menace to the styling, too. There’s also masking around the headlights that give the truck more of a squint. New mirrors look straight from AMG’s parts bin, and a set of multi-spoke wheels put a nice flourish on the upgrades.

In its announcement, Mercedes indicates the top real-world X-Class uses a diesel V6, but the X63 will probably be getting AMG’s 4.0-liter biturbo V8 under the hood. The engine is available in several tunes, but the 577-horsepower AMG tuned engine is the one that might be slotted in.

The X63 would likely put a big emphasis on off-road ability. So if there were a team at AMG that exclusively tunes the G63 and G65, this would be the perfect project for them. In an ideal world, the crew would build it like even more hardcore version of the G550 4×4². The perfect version would include elements like a big suspension lift, locking differentials, and low-range transfer case.

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